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Peace power tips: how to ensure the safe use of electricity.
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In the electric power industry, widely used in electric power fittings is made of iron oraluminum metal accessories, the attachment is our today to speak of electric power fittings, electric power fittings of various types, different uses. According to the productfunction and peaceful power structure can be divided into suspension clamp, clamp,connectors, the connection hardware, protection fittings, equipment wire clamp, T type line clamp, busbar fittings, cable fittings etc.. Installation of a variety of wire clip for the various components in the electric power industry, the insulator string hanging ring,connecting wire pressure connection pipe, repair pipe, all kinds of wire armour clampconductor on the various types of spacer and the tower with and for protecting the wire belong to electric power fittings.

Yongnian County peace power fittings factory according to the previous productexperience about electric power fittings most need to bear large tension in the use process, and some even while ensuring good electrical contact, that is to say the use of electric power fittings is directly related with wire or tower safety, even a damaged,may also cause the entire line of applause, therefore, power quality, correctly use and installation of security transmission line has a certain effect.

1 when a ceramic insulator electric power fitting using the online way due to the impact of the harmful components in the air, the ceramic part is prone to contamination, in the face of wet weather, pollution will absorb moisture, so as to increase the conductivity of insulators, this will not only increase the power loss, but also lead to the occurrence of flashover accident.

2 if the porcelain insulators in the power line error with unqualified or the insulatoraging phenomenon, will flashover breakdown accident in power frequency voltage,therefore in the patrol time if found electric insulator flashover traces, should evenreplaced, new insulator and the replacement must be received by the withstand voltage test.

Peace power fittings factory main products include: 12-30 U hoop, UT wire, U wire,double wire, five hole plate, communication, communication, spike clamping hoop,cross arm, heart-shaped ring, M pad iron, cable clamp, pull board, pull rod and otherpower fittings.