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Replace the power plug (plug hoop), single arm working process and content
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1 surface preparation

Transport tools and materials to work under the tower, cross arm insulator surfacecleaning, and ensure the power armour clamp bolt is complete.

2 replacing the head hoop

Pole climbing staff before demolition of the old needle bottle after the removal of headhoop in the operation, the top phase conductor line in the old crossarm. With the ground staff, will enhance the power plug into the operation and installation, and thenlifting bar new bottle and installed, the conducting wire binding in the top phase needle bottle. To be firmly, prevent wire movement.

3 installation tackle

To climb up the pole and ground staff, will block up to the job, installed in the electricplug on the head hoop.

4 new cross arm and needle bottle

Pole climbing staff before demolishing the old bottle after the demolition of the oldneedle are supporting iron, hoop and cross arm in operation, wire hanging on the pulley. With the ground staff, the old material transfer to the ground, and thenenhance the cross arm, new supporting iron and hoop and install, and then lifting barnew bottle and install. The delivery process, delivery speed uniform, to prevent damage to people and material, the fastening screws to tighten. Wire for wire lashingbar new bottle, to be firmly, prevent wire movement.

5 remove pulley

To climb up the pole and ground staff, will remove the pulley, transmitted to theground.

6 quality inspection

Solid check on the fastening screw and wire.

7 officers under the bar

Rod without legacy worker check tower on the tools and materials, carrying thetransmission rope tower.